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We wish you a happy new year, 2023 Year In Review


Our Year In Review 2023

Before we jump into 2024, let’s look back at the most memorable moments of last year and see what we achieved together.

Fun Facts

Most popular HyCap manufactured seat color: black

most popular
Hy-Cap seat color

Most ordered part: HR166181

most ordered

Views of videos on our YouTube channel: 21,086

views of videos on
our YouTube Channel

2,147,965 people reached on Facebook

people reached through
our Facebook page

New blog posts

new blog

Most items ordered in a single order: 272

most items in
a single order

New parts added: 2450

new parts

Miles for farthest shipment 3843

miles for
farthest shipment

States shipped to: all 50

states received

Pigs & Cows bought at FFA

FFA pigs & cows bought, processed, then given to employees

2.9 million users viewed our website

views of
our website

email mosted opened 3317

opens on our most
popular email


Company Milestones

We celebrated our 45 year anniversary

Completed NetSuite Business System Implementation
helping to streamline internal processes and better serve our customers

And we couldn't have done it without YOU.