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Hy-Capacity Plant, Producing Heavy Duty Parts

Mission Statement

Our mission is to set the market standards in product quality and commitment to service for new and remanufactured agricultural equipment parts, to be profitable, and to provide an ethical and rewarding atmosphere in which our employees reach their maximum potential.

What We Do

Hy-Capacity Founder, James "Scratch" Olson

Prior to Hy-Capacity’s founding in 1978, James “Scratch” Olson was rolling up his sleeves in his garage repair shop in Bode, Iowa. Scratch took existing tractor parts and beefed them up to give local farmers “higher-capacity” parts that could handle the growing needs of their machines.

Headquartered in Humboldt, Iowa, Hy-Capacity has expanded from clutches, water pumps, and torque amplifiers to include product lines such as seats and cab kits, air conditioning, engine overhaul kits, lights, and much more. We currently provide parts for thousands of implement dealers and repair shops throughout the United States and Canada.

Scratch’s son Steve(CEO) and his grandchildren, Molly Varangkounh (President ) and David Olson (Vice President)

Who We Are

Today, Hy-Capacity remains family-owned and operated. Steve Olson - CEO (Left), Molly Varangkounh - President (Middle) and David Olson - Vice President (Right).