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Hy-Capacity Returns and RMA Requests

Get money for cores fast!
99% of core credits are issued the same day the cores are received.

To qualify for prepaid core return, a minimum of $300 in cores must be returned. Single core returns may be sent back to Hy-Capacity, with the freight expense being the responsibility of the Dealer.

  1. Package all cores on a sturdy & well packed pallet
  2. Complete our Core Return Form indicating the cores being returned
  3. Hy-Capacity will schedule a pre-paid pickup with FedEx Freight to arrive within 48 hours
  4. FedEx will email a shipping label & bill of lading to the email address supplied on Core Return Form
  5. 99% of core credits are issued by Hy-Capacity on the day the cores arrive at our warehouse

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Not sure where to start? This video walks you through the process, step by step.

Core Return FAQ's

How many times can a Dealer request this service?

Unlimited. Please be sure the Core Return Policy is followed to expedite the process.

How should I return my cores if I have an AGCO account?
My core now has a $0 value, but when I purchased it there was a value. How do I proceed?
Our Dealership has multiple locations. Can we combine our cores for one return?
Can my Sales Rep pick up my cores?
I don’t have $300 in cores, which address should I use to ship back my single core return?