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Hy-Capacity Returns and RMA Requests

Dealer Prepaid Core Return Requirements

In order to qualify for prepaid core return, a minimum of $300 in core values must be returned. This is available to Hy-Capacity Dealers with an account in good standing. Review the Core Return Policy and FAQ’s to expedite the core return process.

  • Package all cores on a sturdy pallet that is well packed using strapping and plastic wrap
  • Complete and submit our Core Return Form indicating the cores being returned, along with a photo of the pallet/pallets being returned
    • Please do not return cores with a $0.00 value or add items to the pallet once this form has been submitted. The customer will be responsible for the freight in these instances.
    • We do not accept Returns or R & R’s through this Core Return process
  • Hy-Capacity will schedule a pre-paid pickup within 48 hours via FedEx Freight
  • A shipping label & bill of lading will be emailed to attach to the shipment
  • Once the pallet is received by Hy-Capacity, credits will be issued within 10 business days

Single cores may be shipped back to Hy-Capacity at the expense of the Dealer.
Hy-Capacity - Core Return
1404 13th St S
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