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All of Hy-Capacity’s parts, except those mentioned below, are covered by a One (1) Year Warranty. The warranty period is determined by the date of original installation. To qualify for warranty credit, the part must be in original condition and should NOT have ever been disassembled. Credit is given for failures due to defects in materials or workmanship and does not cover failures due to unauthorized modifications, such as over ballasting, over fueling, or tractor pulling contests. Warranty Coverage is extended to the installing purchaser for the part purchased.

Start a Warranty Claim:

  1. Review our return requirements & complete the RMA/Return Request form. All product must have a valid RMA number at time of return.
  2. Prepare your product for shipment. Product must be secure and properly packaged. Hy-Capacity is not responsible for damaged shipments.
  3. Once the product arrives at our facility, it will be examined and retested before warranty credit is issued.
Torque Amplifiers and Components*
Part Length Covers
Standard Hydraulic TA 2 Years Assembly & Labor
Heavy Duty Hydraulic TA 3 Years Assembly & Labor
Super Hydraulic TA 4 Years Assembly & Labor
Hydraulic TA Elimination 1 Year Assembly Only
Standard Mechanical TA 6 Months Assembly Only
Heavy Duty Mechanical TA 1 Year Assembly Only
835000 Carrier/Sprag Kit 6 Months Kit Only

* All TA's must be installed in accordance with Hy-Capacity specifications for warranty. Warranty card must be on file at Hy-Capacity for warranty to be honored. Warranty period is from the date of original installation for the published period at the time of installation.

* When replacing an A/C Compressor, the system must be flushed and the receiver driver & expansion valve must be replaced to validate warranty.

* Pressure plate warranty does not cover burnt release levers and clutch release bearings. Flywheels must be ground to specifications for clutch warranty.

This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties expressed or implied. Warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose are excluded, as are all other representations to the user - purchaser and all other obligations or liabilities including liability for incidental and consequential damages on the part of the company or seller.