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Hy-Cap Madness! Hy-Cap parts are going head to head - who will be the 2024 Champion

Hy-Cap Madness 2024

We’re putting our MVP’s (Most Valuable Parts) up against each other for our Hy-Cap Madness bracket.

Vote for the Fantastic Four Now 2024 Hy-Cap March Madness Elite Eight Bracket

Meet our Excellent Eight.


Lights Region

In the Lights region, there is a long-standing rivalry between the two teams. On one side, we have the HA87429391 KIT for Case IH STX & MX Tractors, and on the other side, we have the HR573609 SET for John Deere Tractors. These two teams have been competing against each other since the very beginning. The big question is, which team will come out on top and outshine the competition?

LED Hi-Lo Beam Corner Headlight Kit, Case IH STX & MX Tractors, 9600 Lumens

OSRAM LED Flood Beam Pedestal Mount Light Set, 3600 Lumens Pkg of 2

A/C Region

In the A/C region, we see two well-conditioned teams face off. Will the 8810927 Sanden Style/Denso 6E171 Compressor breeze through the game against the Receiver Drier?

Sanden Style/Denso 6E171 Compressor, w/ 1 Groove Clutch

Receiver Drier

Coupler Region

In the Coupler region, our teams are agile and able to make quick connections. This game between HR166181 Breakaway Coupler and HR52981 Breakaway Cartridge is expected to be a close one.

Faster Hydraulic Breakaway Coupler, Female, Genuine OEM Style

Pioneer Hydraulic Breakaway Cartridge, Female, Genuine OEM Style

Clutch Region

In the Clutch region, these teams are renowned for their unwavering reliability, consistency, and remarkable collaboration skills. Will the R41410NU2 KIT Dual Stage Clutch Kit or the 120181 KIT Single Stage Clutch Kit come out on top?