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Universal Electronic Fuel Pump


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Product Notes

Min. Shutoff Pressure: 1.52 PSI, Max. Shutoff Pressure: 4 PSI, SelfPriming: to 12" of fuel lift.
Easy to install & service. This pump is compatible w/ gas (leaded or unleaded), diesel, blended, pure alcohol & fuel additives. Reliable product- no electrical contacts, bearings, rubber diaphragms or valves to wear out. Chances of vapor lock is eliminated, expect a constant, smooth fuel delivery on hot days & at high altitudes. Pressure relief eliminates flooding & assures satisfactory restarting on the hottest days. The all steel case is plated to provide over 100 hrs. of salt spray resistance. Applications include: carburetor equipped cars, vans & light trucks, stationary engines, gen-sets, fuel priming & transfer applications.
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Product Specs

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  • Warranty1 Year
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