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Why You Need LED Lighting for Your Farm Machinery

June 27, 2023

Why you should order online

Why You Need LED Lighting for Your Farm Machinery

1. LED Lights Save Energy

When you use other lighting options, like halogens, more energy is required to power those lights. In fact, LED lights typically last 5x longer than halogens. One major reason that LED lights use less energy is that they run cooler than halogens.

2. LED Lights are Brighter

Traditional lighting options, including halogens, simply aren’t as bright as LEDs, so why would you want to use anything else? Our lights feature ultra-white LEDs. No other lighting option will illuminate your field like our LED lamps will.

New LED Lights vs Old Yellow Light


Purchasing Tip: The easiest way to determine the brightness of a light before you buy it is to look at the Lumen rating. Raw Lumens are listed in our Product Specs, located on our product pages. Here you can also view the Beam Style, Installation type, Waterproof Rating, and more!

Raw lumens are found in our product specs

3. LED Lights are Built for Tough Conditions

Our LED agricultural work lights are manufactured to provide the best durability and tough construction to hold up to the job. Think about it! These light are made for off-road environments, so they need to be able to take on varying environments, temperatures, and debris kicked up from working.

Purchasing Tip: Look at the IP Rating before you buy. IP Rating stands for Ingress Protection Code or as we call in in our Product Specs, “Waterproof Rating.” An example of this would be “IP65.” The first number is the degree of ingress protection, and a 6 would mean there is complete protection against entry dust. The second number is the degree of moisture protection, and a 5 would mean protection from a low pressure jet of water in any direction.

IP Rating

First Digit (Intrusion Protection)
0 No special protection
1 Protection against solid objects up to 50 mm in diameter
2 Protection against solid objects up to 12 mm in diameter
3 Protection against solid objects up to 2.5 mm in diameter
4 Protection against solid objects over 1 mm
5 Protected against dust
6 Completely dust tight
Second Digit (Moisture Protection)
0 No protection
1 Protection against condensation
2 Protection against water droplets deflected up to 15° from vertical
3 Protection against spray up to 60° from vertical
4 Protection against water spray from all directions
5 Protected against low-pressure water jets (all directions)
6 Protected against string water jets and waves
7 Protected against temporary immersion
IP Rating Example

So, why should you get your LED Agricultural Lights from Hy-Capacity?

Our tractor lamps are field-tested here in Iowa on tractors, combines, skid steer loaders, and more for brands like John Deere, Case IH, Bobcat, Kubota, and more.

We have confidence that our LED Tractor Lights will hold up. Because of this, our lights are backed by a 1-year warranty.

Hy-Capacity Lights are easy to install on all of your favorite equipment. Most take a simple plug and play connection to be installed and can be completed without the help of another person.

And lastly, our lights are the real deal. You won’t get the quality and longevity you need if you’re buying cheap bargain lights online. Trust in Hy-Capacity to deliver you the best LED lighting options for agricultural machinery. Start browsing Hy-Cap LED Lights now!

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