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Feel Confident in your Purchase

May 18, 2023

Feel Confident In Your Purchase

Feel Confident in Your Purchase

Are there times where you’re not quite sure the part you’re ordering is going to work for your customer? Well, good news, we have a website feature for that.

When you search for the part you need and use the filter to narrow your search results to the make/model you’re working on, you may have multiple parts pop up.

Deciphering which one is right may seem difficult at first, but we made it easy with our Model Notes box.

If you’ve ever searched for a part, you may already be familiar with this orange box and you know that it is a helpful way to know exactly what you are getting.

If you haven’t used it before, here’s what is does:

Say I’m looking for Agricultural LED Work Lights for a Case IH 215 Magnum Tractor, I would narrow my results by Make/Model/Type to see lights that fit my machine. (See below)

narrow results by make, model, tyle to see what fits your machine

Sometimes there are parts that only fit certain engines/configurations/etc. of machines. If this is the case, you will see an orange Model Notes box, clearly spelling out the exact details.

That’s where the Model Notes box comes into play. Say I am interested in ordering the light set pictured below; the Model Notes box will show up because there are special notes for the application you have selected.

model notes model notes detail

As you can see above, when you hover your mouse cursor over the orange Model Notes box, you’ll see specific notes for the part. So, we know that this particular light set fits the “Tier 4A Cab Rear & Fender.” So, if you’re wondering if a part works for your project, this box will likely answer any questions you have.

In addition to our Model Notes box, you can always count on our website for best-in-class photos and technical diagrams. Our high-quality, detailed photos make it easy to know exactly what you’re getting.

technical diagrams and resources section

On product pages you can also see if an item is in inventory, look at expanded views for products, and check out our Reviews to see what other Dealers have to say before you buy. And if you scroll down to the Specs/Cross Reference section, you can check out the product specs. Plus, don’t forget to look at our Documents & Resources link for quick, downloadable product specs.

Start browsing for parts at Hy-Capacity.com!

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