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Health at Hy-Cap

February 28, 2020

Here at Hy-Capacity, we have made it a mission to encourage our team members to be healthier and happier members of society. That’s why we offer many activities for team members to participate in to improve their lives through wellness.

Photo Collage of Wellness Activities at Hy-Capacity

Mission Slim Possible

Mission Slim Possible was designed as a friendly competition between local businesses to get healthy in the new year. The businesses that participate range from manufacturers, schools, banks, construction companies, and even the local hospital. In the past, the focus of this challenge was weight loss.

The challenge has since evolved into helping participants foster healthy habits that will benefit all areas of their lives, like drinking more water, being more active, and improving mental and financial health through self-care focused activities.

Mission: slim possible

Wear Red Day and Heart Health Awareness

Wear Red Day and Heart Health Awarness

During the month of February, Hy-Capacity observes American Heart Health Month by participating in Wear Red Day and providing information to employees about the importance of heart health.

On February 7th, Hy-Capacity employees wore red in support of women’s heart health. Heart health is important for everyone, but it can be hard to detect heart problems in women, causing heart attacks to be one of the leading causes of death in women.

Bike to Work

Every year, Hy-Capacity team members participate in Bike to Work Week, where they trade their vehicles for bicycles as their transportation to work. Bike to Work Week encourages people to be active while also promoting sustainability by avoiding emissions that come from operating a vehicle.

Bike to Work day at Hy-Capacity

Relay for Life

We Can Be Heros - Team Hy-Capacity - Relay for Live 2019

It’s difficult to find a person who has not seen the harmful effects of cancer in their lives, the lives of their loved ones, friends, or even coworkers. At Hy-Capacity, that’s no exception. Our Hy-Capacity Relay for Life team helps raise money for cancer research each year.

Suns Out Guns Out

Suns Out Guns Out is our habit-changing health challenge designed to help people live happier, healthier, more productive, and satisfying lives during the warmer months of the year. Sun's Out Guns Out lasts 12 weeks in total. During this time, participants are given mini-challenges that encourage repetitive behaviors that become healthy habits.

Sun's Out, Guns Out

Family Fit Night

Family Fit Night is a monthly outing during the summer months that we helped establish to promote fitness for all ages through running, jogging, and walking. These events are planned and run through the collaboration of several local businesses, including Hy-Capacity.

We have several team members who organize and run these events. Family Fit Night has been an excellent way for our team members to be social with each other and with other people in the community.

Healthiest State Initiative Walk

The Healthiest State Initiative is a state-wide challenge to improve the health of the people of Iowa. Every year in October, The Healthiest State Initiative encourages Iowans to get out and walk. For the past two years, Hy-Capacity has hosted a walk and healthy lunch for our team members.

Hy-Capacity Healthiest State Initiative Walk

Cornhole Tournament

During breaks, Hy-Capacity team members like to pass the time by doing activities like walking, basketball, and ping pong. When we started our cornhole tournament, it was a hit. This tournament is a great way to encourage teamwork and to be social with coworkers. Our first winners were all smiles displaying their trophies.

Winners of the Hy-Capacity Cornhole Tournament

We hope that you found some inspiration on how you can inspire wellness at your business. What kinds of health programs do you do?

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