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Make the most of Leap Day and Boost your Pre-Spring Productivity

Take the Leap

The 29th of February doesn’t come around every day.

Each leap year has 366 days instead of 365. A "Leap Day" (February 29) is added to the calendar during leap years to keep our calendar in alignment with the Earth's orbit around the Sun.

Fun Facts

Leap Day fun facts:

  • Julius Caesar established the first leap year around 46 B.C.
  • The odds of having a Leap Day birthday are 1 in 1,461
  • Babies born on Leap Day are called "leapers" or "leaplings"
  • Anthony, Texas is the self-proclaimed "Leap Year Capital of the World" holding a festival every February 29
  • US Presidential Elections and the Summer Olympics occur during Leap Years


There are many quirky traditions for Leap Day you may not know, including:

  • In 5th century Ireland, women were allowed to propose to men on this day
  • In Denmark, men who refused a proposal must give the rejected woman 12 pairs of gloves
  • In an Italian province, it's believed that whales only give birth during leap years
  • There is a French newspaper published only on Leap Days


Why not have a little extra fun on this extra February day? Try some of these fun family Leap Day activities to celebrate:

We at Hy-Capacity recommend you make the most of your bonus day by boosting your pre-spring productivity.

Make sure your equipment is ready for spring planting season.

  • When it’s hot out in the field, you need a reliable A/C system to keep you comfortable and working hard
  • Upgrade to LED Lights today for better visibility to extend your working hours
  • Reward yourself and increase the value of your equipment by upgrading your "office" seat
  • Protect your cab interior from damaging noises while also making your interior look brand new

In honor of the last Leap Day, February 29, 2020, check out the 29 most popular parts from the past 4 years: