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Universal Electronic Fuel Pump - New
Product Notes
  • Application: All Carburetor-Equipped Cars, Vans & Light Trucks, Stationary Engines, Gen-Sets, Fuel Priming & Transfer Applications
  • Features & Benefits: 12 Volt, Compatible - with Leaded or Unleaded Gasoline, Diesel Fuel, Blended Fuels, Pure Alcohol & Fuel Additives. Reliable - No Electrical Contacts, Bearings, Rubber Diaphragms or Valves to Wear Out or Fatigue.
  • Easy to Install & Service. Eliminates Vapor Lock - for Constant, Smooth Fuel Delivery on Hot Days & High Altitudes. Pressure Relief - Eliminates Flooding & Assures Satisfactory Restarting on the Hottest Days.
  • Corrosion Resistant - the All Steel Case Is Plated to Provide Over 100 Hours of Salt Spray Resistance. Self-Priming - to 12 Inches of Fuel Lift. (1.52 - 4 PSI)

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Fuel Pump Filter
Product Notes
  • Replacement Filter for 8301415 Electronic Fuel Pump

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Alternator - New
Product Notes
  • 12 Volt, 63 Amp, Internally Regulated, Regulator Clock: 3:00, Polarity: Negative, Delco Remy 10si Replacement
  • 1-Wire, Self-Exciting
  • Option When Converting Generator to an Alternator or a Externally Regulated Alternator to an Internally Regulated Alternator

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