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Wiring Accessories
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LED Lamp Load Resistor
Product Notes
  • LEDs Draw Less Amps Than Halogen. If Your Electrical System Needs More Amp Draw, This Resistor may be Necessary
  • • Ohm: 6
    • Watts: 50
    • Current Draw: 2250mA

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Radio Interference Filter
Product Notes
  • 12V DC, w/ H4 Connector
  • • Filters reduce the transfer of electromagnetic noise and are used to suppress interference generated by electrical equipment.

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Flasher Unit, LED
Product Notes
  • • For LED Warning Lights 8302217, 8302218
    • Flasher Unit is Needed Per Light
    • 12 Volt
    • .05-10 Amp
    • Install in-line onto Lamp Power Wire

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Electrical Connector, Deutsch, 120W - 300W
Product Notes
  • Suitable for 120 - 300 Watts, Includes Male and Female Housings & Pins & Heat Shrink Insulators

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LED Light Wiring Harness
Product Notes
  • • Works with any Hy-Cap Light
    • Includes: Deutsch Connector, Fuse, Relay & Toggle Switch
    • Up to 40 Amp Circuit

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