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Connecting Rod Capscrew

HC7676679 In Stock

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Connecting Rod Capscrew

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Cross Reference Numbers

This Part Fits These Machines

Fit Notes are displayed after the Model

Case IH
1640 IH D466 Diesel, To Combine P.I.N. #JJC34,705 1660 IH DT466 Diesel, To Combine P.I.N. #JJC38,346 1680 IH DT466 Diesel, To Combine P.I.N. #JJC45,689
1440 IH D436 Diesel 1460 IH DT436 Diesel 1480 IH DT436 Diesel, To Combine S/N 24,000 & IH DT466 Diesel, From Combine S/N 24,000 815 IH D414 Diesel, From Combine S/N 8,000 915 IH DT414 Diesel, From Combine S/N 2,349
TD15C IH DT466 Diesel
H80B IH DT466 Diesel
1066 IH DT414 Diesel 1086 IH DT414 Diesel 1466 IH DT436 Diesel 1486 IH DT436 Diesel 1566 IH DT436 Diesel 1586 IH DT436 Diesel 3388 IH DT436 Diesel 3488 IH D466 Diesel 3588 IH DT466 Diesel 3688 IH D436 Diesel 3788 IH DT466 Diesel 4166 IH DT436 Diesel 4186 IH DT436 Diesel 4366 IH DT466 Diesel 4386 IH DT466 Diesel 5088 IH DT436 Diesel 5288 IH DT466 Diesel 5488 IH DT466 Diesel 6388 IH DT436 Diesel 6588 IH DT466 Diesel 666 IH D312 Diesel 6788 IH DT466 Diesel 686 IH D312 Diesel 7288 IH DT466 Diesel 7388 IH DT466 Diesel 7488 IH DT466 Diesel 766 IH D360 Diesel 826 IH D360 Diesel 886 IH D360 Diesel 966 IH D414 Diesel 986 IH D436 Diesel Hydro 100 IH D436 Diesel Hydro 186 IH D436 Diesel Hydro 70 IH D312 Diesel Hydro 86 IH D312 Diesel
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