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How E-Bill Benefits You

How E-Bill Benefits You:

Invoice copies are available at your fingertips 24/7/365


Invoices are available at your fingertips 24/7/365.

Electronic invoices are:

  • Delivered faster and more accurately
  • Available whenever you need them, wherever you are
  • Less likely to be lost or misplaced
  • More environmentally friendly
Payment Flexibility

Payment Flexibility

Pay your bill with checking, savings, credit card or debit card.

Set up payment reminders

Payment Reminders

Rest easy knowing your payment won't be forgotten.

Set up automatic payments

Schedule Automatic Payments

Say goodbye to late fees and never miss a payment again.

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Enrolling is fast & easy!

  1. Click the 'Enroll Now' button above to access E-Bill Express
  2. Click 'Enroll'
  3. Enter your account number* (6 digits) and billing zip code (5 digits). Click ‘Validate’. *Account 123 would be 000123
  4. Enter the required information on your account, create a login and password, and enter security information
  5. Agree to the terms of service and select your payment account information
  6. After you 'Finish Enrollment' go to your email account and open the email just sent to you. Click on the ‘Activate’ button or hyperlink. (Your access is not activated until you click on ‘Activate’)

E-Bill FAQ's

How do I see my invoices?
Why can't I view the credit memo on my account in E-Bill Express?
What do I do if I have other billing and/or payment questions?
What if I forget my password?
The payment amount seems incorrect. What should I do?
How can I confirm that my payment was made?
Can I be enrolled in the Auto-Debit program and still receive an E-Bill through this system?
How do I view my credit amount?

E-Bill is available to direct customers of Hy-Capacity. Customers buying through Independent Distributors may not be eligible. Contact Hy-Capacity for details.