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14" Diaphragm Clutch Unit - Reman

F82983566 In Stock

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Proudly Assembled in the USA

  • $475.87
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Product Notes

Includes: PPA, F82983565 Transmission Disc
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Product Specs

  • Size14"
  • Flywheel Disc Spec6 Pad; 1-3/4" 10 Spline Hub; Solid Center
  • Flywheel Step1.340"
  • New/RemanReman
  • Sold AsEach

Cross Reference Numbers

This Part Fits These Machines

Fit Notes are displayed after the Model

5610S Eff. S/N 314654M, Start Yr. 04-01-2002, 6610S Eff. S/N 369551M, Start Yr. 04-01-2002, 6810S Eff. S/N 314654M, Start Yr. 04-01-2002, 7610S Eff. S/N 262801M, Start Yr. 04-01-2002
New Holland
TB100 Eff. 12/01/2002 TB110 Eff. 12/01/2002 TB120 Eff. 01/01/2003 TB80 Eff. 12/01/2003 TB85 Eff. 12/01/2003 TB90 Eff. 12/01/2003 TS6020 Eff. 01/01/2003 TS6030 Eff. 01/01/2003
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