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Fluids & Chemicals

Hy-Capacity offers a broad array of different Fluids & Chemicals from reliable brands like Lucas Oil and Stanadyne. Take care of your machine with Fuel Treatments for All Seasons, Cold Weather, and Warm Weather. Our Adhesives are perfect for installing foam and fabric products. Engine Builder Lubricants, like break-in oil, and Engine Oil Additives, like oil stabilizer, help the performance and life expectancy of your engine.

Appearance Products like interior detailer, slick mist, tire & trim shine, and microfiber towels help get your tractor looking its best. Try our Lucas Oil Motor Oils, including Magnum Oils, Motorcycle Oils, Petroleum Oils, Synthetic Oils, and Trucking Oils. We also have Refrigerant & Chemicals like A/C flush, 134a refrigerant, PAG oil, ester oil, and more.

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