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The Countdown to the 2022 Iowa State Fair is Over. Here’s our Fair Checklist

August 11, 2022

The Countdown to the 2022 Iowa State Fair is Over

For those of us residing in Iowa, the Iowa State Fair is something we look forward to all year long. And it’s finally here! The Iowa State Fair will run from August 11th to August 21st. Keep reading to see our recommendations for what do at the fair, (Did someone say “tractors”?).


Grab a bite to eat. Preferably on a stick.

Whether you’re into the classic corn dogs and ice cream, or you’re a little more adventurous, the Iowa State Fair has something for you. The Iowa State Fair has a total of 53 new foods to try this year. Not sure where to start? Here are the Top 3 New Foods:

  • “OMG” Chicken Sandwich at Chicken City is “a chicken breast that is lightly battered and covered in sugar coated corn flakes fried to golden brown and served on a glazed doughnut.”
  • More of a barbeque fan? Try the Pork Picnic in a Cup at the Iowa Pork Tent. Dig into a “cup filled with layers of BBQ pulled pork, baked beans, creamy coleslaw and a drizzle of BBQ sauce, garnished with brown sugar pork belly.”
  • Finally, The Finisher at The Rib Shack is described as “Not your average potato, it’s an extra-large russet potato, layered with chopped brisket, smoked pulled pork and The Rib Shack’s famous Bacon Brisket Mac and Cheese.”

See a show

The Iowa State Fair has a number of stages where talent performs. The Grandstand has nightly concerts for guests to enjoy. But even if you can’t secure tickets to a Grandstand act, there is still tons of FREE entertainment at stages around the fairgrounds. Check out this page to plan which entertainment to see during your visit. 

Check out the tractors

It’s no secret that our favorite part of the Iowa State Fair is checking out all the tractor restoration projects that Iowa FFA members have brought to the fair. We like to think that we do our part to help on these projects.
Hy-Capacity became a sponsor of the Iowa Fair Association in 2013. We partner with students working on tractor restorations and provide a restoration grade seat to help them with their project. We love going to the Iowa State Fair each to meet the students we’ve worked with and see their completed tractors.

Here are some of the past projects with our parts:

Iowa State Fair 2021

Last year’s fair featured a couple of classic Oliver restorations including one Oliver 770 and a Oliver 1950.

Oliver 770 restoration

Oliver 1950 restoration

Iowa State Fair 2019
Unfortunately, there was not a Fair in 2020, but in 2019 this Oliver 1850 restoration earned Easton Halverson the Grand Champion award. Great job, Easton! 

Oliver 1850 restoration

We also like seeing older restorations like this one of a John Deere B, now with a much more comfortable Hy-Capacity seat!

John Deere B restoration

Iowa State Fair 2018
The 2018 Fair featured many red restoration projects. Parker Kray earned the title of Grand Champion with his restoration of an International 856. You should see what this tractor looked like before! Read our blog post about his restoration here.

International 856 restoration

Maisie Knapp restored her grandpa’s Farmall H. Maisie rolled up her sleeves and made her mechanic father proud by completing this project. Read more about her restoration project in our blog post here.

Farmall H restoration

Micah Rolwes also restored an International 856 this year for his restoration project. The tractor was a well-loved but sadly retired tractor sitting on the Rolwes family farm before Micah turned it into the beauty it is now. Read more of his restoration story in our blog post here.

International 856 restoration

Restoring a tractor? Here’s our go to Restoration Part Checklist:

Hy-Capacity Clutches


If you’re looking to add some heavy duty to your restoration project, look no further than a Hy-Capacity Clutch. If you didn’t know already, we’ve been tinkering with clutches even before we were established as a company in 1978. We know clutches.

Hy-Capacity Seats


Besides paint, upgrading your seat can greatly improve the look of your restoration project. Hy-Capacity is a great source for restoration grade seats for people restoring tractors. Our Seat Department does the best to focus on quality while making seats comfortable at the same time.

Hy-Capacity TAs

Torque Amplifier (TA)

We’re a household name in Torque Amplifiers. Adding a Hy-Capacity TA to your International tractor will extend the life of your machine. If you’re restoring an International Harvester, you need one of our Remanufactured (Reman) TA’s to get your tractor running at its highest capacity.

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