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We’re Clutch People: Hy-Capacity’s History with the Clutch

October 25, 2021

We’re clutch people. We’ve been tinkering with clutches even before we were established as a company in 1978. In fact, we owe our success, our company’s logo, and our company’s name to the higher capacity clutch.

Hy-Capacity’s History with The Clutch

As tractors got bigger and had to pull more weight, International Harvester updated their tractors but forgot about their clutch along the way. Farmers needed their tractors to pull more; to do more. And these OEM clutches couldn’t keep up. “They had lower capacity, rather than high capacity because they added way too much weight,” said Hy-Capacity CEO, Steve Olson.

Before you knew it, farmers had clutches burning up. “Everything they did made the clutch weaker,” said Olson. Hy-Capacity’s solution to this issue was to build a clutch that would hold up to the expanding needs of the tractor.

“We found different ways to make it stronger, with more capacity. We used larger pads. We used heavier springs,” said Olson. Hy-Capacity clutch pads were larger and held against the flywheel and pressure plate while the OEM clutch pads wore away.

Since 1978, our knowledge of clutches has grown significantly. “Our goal is to build it heavier, not to patch it up so it works until it doesn’t work anymore. We build heavy duty, and Hy-Capacity is the heaviest duty of them all,” said Olson.

Clutch Today

At Hy-Capacity, we manufacture 3 types of clutches: Diaphragm, Single Stage, and Dual Stage. We build these types of clutches “because we have the experience and equipment to do it right,” said Dean Kellner, Hy-Capacity’s Production Supervisor.

Today we have hundreds of clutches to choose from! “The building process really hasn’t changed a whole lot. We have updated and got newer setting tables that are more accurate. The biggest change is there are more new components available and the ability to offer more new clutch options,” said Dean.

We always make sure that the Clutches going out the door are of the best quality. “Our inspection process starts in teardown where the obvious defects are found, but each builder is trained to find defects and reject the part or find a replacement for it. Both our New and Reman parts are run across our setting tables and each one is checked by a qualified rebuilder,” said Dean.

If you’re looking to add some heavy duty to your equipment, visit our Clutch page on our website. You’re sure to find what you’re looking for!

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