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Make Spraying Season Successful: Spring Maintenance for Sprayers

May 6, 2021

Your sprayer is vital in ensuring a successful planting season. That is why you need to keep your sprayer running at its highest capacity. Dust kicked up when using your sprayer may cause more damage than you think. This damage can cause larger problems down the road that can put your perfect planting season on hold. Luckily, we created this parts checklist to help guide you through your sprayer maintenance.

Increase your yield when you trust the reliability of Hy-Cap parts to keep you spraying with fewer delays, flexible spray times, and increased comfort while getting the job done.


Dusty and dry fields can cause great damage to your sprayer parts. Alternators need to be regularly checked for damage caused by dry and dusty sediment. Make sure to inspect your Alternator regularly to prevent premature problems. Belt tension either “too tight” or “too loose” can cause charging issues, as well as corrosion, damaged wires, and loose connections.

Naturally, your alternator will wear out over time. Preventative maintenance is the best way to ensure a long life for your alternator. That is why it is important to check for dirt and other contaminants that have made their way into the engine. This can cause damage to electrical connections and internal components.

You don’t have time to worry about your alternator breaking down. We recommend getting it checked ahead of spraying and taking advantage of our same-day shipping to be ready for your tight spraying window.

If you need to replace your Alternators, here are some we would recommend:

Operating at top efficiency can be as simple as updating your sprayer’s lights or seats!

Sprayer Lights

Hy-Capacity has a great line of sprayer lights that drastically improve the performance of your sprayer. These include our ultra-bright LEDs and our Blue Sprayer Lights, both of which make spraying your crops at night a breeze.

Our Blue Sprayer Lights are the latest innovation that you need to make your spraying more successful. No need to worry about whether your spraying efforts are effective. Easily see your spray patterns at night for a seamless spray that is sure to increase your yield. See it in action here!

Our lights give you the flexibility to meet your spraying needs during your tight operating window. Here are some we'd recommend:

Tractor Seats

Stay comfortable in your sprayer with Sears and Grammar seats from Hy-Cap. These seats are built with better ergonomics in mind for farmers who put in long hours in the field. There is nothing worse than putting in hours of work while sitting in an outdated, uncomfortable seat. Luckily, this is an easy fix. Scale up your comfort by ordering a Hy-Capacity seat.

Here are some we'd recommend:

Sidekick Tractor Seats

Don’t forget to bring along a buddy as you work with our Sidekick Seats for John Deere sprayers. Time spent in your sprayer can be boring if you are alone. Bring along a friend and have them ride in the comfort of one of our Sidekick Seats!

Here are some we'd recommend:

Tractor Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning in your sprayer is a necessity, not a luxury. There is no escape from the sun in a sprayer. A cab in full sun can become a hot box, unbearable for the operator. In order to work longer with less fatigue, your Air Conditioning parts will be essential to keeping you cool and comfortable.

Here are some we'd recommend:

Check out more heavy-duty sprayer parts from Hy-Capacity on our website today!


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