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Sanden SD508 Compressor, w/ 2 Groove Clutch - New

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  • $335.40

Product Notes

With 1/4 R12 service ports.

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Product Specs

  • Compressor TypeSanden
  • Compressor ModelSD508; 8390
  • Cylinder HeadBO
  • Grooves2
  • Clutch Diameter5.25"
  • FittingsVertical #8 & #10 Flare
  • Mount TypeEar
  • Coil Position12:00
  • Volts12V
  • Oil TypePAG 46 Oil (6.5 oz.)
  • RefrigerantR134A
  • New/RemanNew
  • QualityAftermarket
  • Sold AsEach

This Part Fits These Machines

Fit Notes are displayed after the Model

RoGator 654
Case IH
8820 8830 8840 S/N CFH0031001 - CFH0086000
FW20 FW30 FW40 FW60
8370 8380
6450 6455 6550 6555 6650 6655 7600 8100 Prior to S/N 768
Wheel Loader
145 155 165 185
220 230 3450 4650 4655
Bearcat Series I Bearcat Series II Bearcat Series III Bearcat Series IV CM225 Bearcat Series IV CM250 Cougar Series IV, Early Models CM280 Cougar Series IV, Early Models CM325 Panther Series IV, Early Models CM360 Panther Series IV, Early Models Cougar Series I Cougar Series II Early Compressor Cougar Series III Cougar Series IV Early Models CS280 Cougar Series IV KM225 Bearcat Series IV KM280 Cougar Series IV, Early Models KM325 Panther Series IV, Early Models KM360 Panther Series IV, Early Models Panther Series I Panther Series II Panther Series III Panther Series IV PT225 Bearcat Series III, Early Models PT250 Cougar Series III PT270 Cougar Series III PT350 Panther Series III PTA251 Cougar Series III PTA270 Cougar Series III PTA280 Cougar Series III, Early Models PTA297 Panther Series III PTA310 Panther Series III PTA325 Panther Series III RC200 Wildcat Series III, Early Models RC210 Wildcat Series III, Early Models RC225 Wildcat Series III, Early Models SM325 Panther Series IV, Early Models ST200 Wildcat Series III ST210 Wildcat Series III ST220 Bearcat Series III ST225 Bearcat Series III ST250 Cougar Series III ST251 Cougar Series III ST270 Cougar Series III ST280 Cougar Series III ST310 Panther Series III ST320 Panther Series III ST325 Panther Series III ST350 Panther Series III Super Wildcat Series I Super Wildcat Series II Tiger Series I Tiger Series II
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